Walking in Scotland

March 26, 2023 at 9:32 pm

Refresh and enliven your senses in Scotland, a country perfect for walking. Whether you want a gentle stroll in the countryside among the trees and rivers, a breezy coastal stroll along sandy beaches or a walk through the wild mountain and loch scenery, Scotland has all of this in abundance.

Discover some of Scotland’s Great Trails, long-distance routes, which will allow you to see for yourself Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes as well as uncovering wonderful wildlife, old castles, abbeys, canals and other fascinating aspects of Scotland’s unique heritage.

Take a look at the useful information to plan a walking holiday to Scotland with some fantastic providers or if you fancy wild camping, learn about your rights of access with the Outdoor Access Code.

Wherever you choose to walk in Scotland, it is important to be safe, so familiarise yourself with some simple safety guidelines to ensure you enjoy an invigorating and satisfying walk in the beautiful Scottish countryside.